Kalona is an evil fallen angel whom Neferet introduces to everyone as Erebus, Nyx's Consort. Kalona goes into Zoey's dreams and tries to seduce her. He is thousands of years old, although he changes his appearance to people's preferences. He first appears in the series as a Cherokee legend, which is revealed to be true when Neferet releases him from where he was trapped in the Earth. InTempted he is revealed to have been Nyx's Warrior, but was banished because he grew jealous of her Consort, Erebus. Kalona and Neferet are banished from the school never to return in Hunted. He has a hypnotizing spell, which he used on the House of Night. He loves A-ya, a woman created by ancient Cherokee women to love him and to trap him under the earth. He also believes Zoey Redbird is A-ya (which, ironically, is a Cherokee word meaning 'me'). In Burned he is sent after Zoey, in spirit form, by Neferet's dark powers. He was also banished from Nyx's realm, both his body and soul after bringing Stark back to life because of the debt that he owed Zoey for killing her consort.

He appears on a cover of Awakened.